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I am the owner of UK Proofreaders, and I have gone through similar challenges that every other student face during their academic life. The reason for establishing this company was to tackle the deficiency of cheap and reliable proofreading and editing firms in UK. Here we offer top-quality services at affordable and budget-friendly rates without any hidden charges.

Factors That Determine The Prices Of Our Proofreading Services

Every student has different needs. Therefore, we do not follow a one-size-fits-all approach. Whether you just want us to give your document a second look or thoroughly edit and revise it, you will always be charged reasonably as per your requirements.

Our prices heavily depend on your word count and the delivery deadline. Affordability is the common thing that you will find in all of my services, from basic proofreading to heavy editing. The prices will never be out of your budget.

UK Proofreaders - Pricing

Custom-tailored pricing for all types of academic and business documents.

  • Proofreading price – £ 12.00 per 1,000 words – £ 0.012 per word.
  • Please note: Least charge – Papers of under 1,000 words will be charged at a flat rate of £ 12.00
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7-day turnaround Maximum of 50,000 words Available 24/7 5-day turnaround Maximum of 40,000 words Available 24/7 4 to 7-day turnaround Maximum of 2,500 words Available 24/7 72-hour turnaround Maximum of 30,000 words Available 24/7 48-hour turnaround Maximum of 25,000 words Available 24/7 36-hour turnaround Maximum of 16,000 words Available 24/7 24-hour turnaround Maximum of 12,500 words Available 24/7 6-hour turnaround Maximum of 5,050 words Available 24/7 3-hour turnaround Maximum of 3,300 words Available 24/7 2 to 4-hour turnaround Maximum of 1,500 words Available 24/7 90-minute turnaround Maximum of 1,600 words Available 24/7 30-minute turnaround Maximum of 800 words Available 24/7
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UK Proofreaders never overcharge its customers. You can get a rough estimate about our services within a single click. This instant quote will give you a better understanding of how much your project would cost. If you want more details about our pricing or want to discuss something with the team, feel free to contact us at any time.