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My company UK Proofreaders is designed for quality-conscious authors. I hire those professional editors from UK who have a grip on technical terminology, language consistency, and accuracy. As a renowned proofreader Isla Bethany from the United Kingdom, I know how important it is to have constructive criticism in your manuscript from a proofreading and copy-editing service. We serve as the spare eye of the writer and hunt bigots of effervescent mistakes that shunt down the value of a copy.

Uk’S Copy Editors And Proofreaders That Whirl The Wand Of Words

My team of copy editors and proofreaders have on-site experience working with various known publishing houses in England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, and London. They have hands-on familiarity with various author tones and can adapt to them in no time. My company, UK Proofreaders copy editors, also know a variety of technical copy editing and legal copy editing.

So, if you are plunged into a hole of a vortex and are short on time, hire UK Proofreaders, and copy editors to make your work smooth like butter.

  • We have native English-speaking copy editors on board.
  • Unlimited revisions till you are satisfied with the outcome.
  • End-to-end encrypted safe payment gateway with cheap rates.
  • Covering entire Great Britain’s proximity with a decades-old reputation.
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Proofreading And Copy-Editing Service That Give Life To Your Manuscript

My online copy editing services copy editors focus on your writing style, organization, clarity, and tone. UK Proofreaders understand the context and concept of your text. Plus, our hired expert copy editors add another layer: a deep love of words, language, and storytelling. Calling ourselves the best copy editing service didn’t pop up overnight; it was a long battle of contemplation and various business models. That shaped what UK Proofreaders is today. Without batting an eye, hire our experienced copy editors that have a mountain worth of experience that can encapsulate even the river Thames.

Concealment Pact

Your identity will be kept anonymous throughout the procedure. A system-generated code will act as your username. At UK Proofreaders, we ensure every client's work, files, and identity is secured in a mannered run system.

2 to 4-hour turnaround Available 24/7
Max 1500 Words
90-minute turnaround Available 24/7
Max 1600 Words
30-minute turnaround Available 24/7
Max 800 Words
Native Copy Editors

My proofreading and copy-editing service only hire seasoned freelancers from the UK's top cities, London, Manchester, Belfast, and Edinburgh. UK Proofreaders always make sure our employees are native English speakers.

Expert Copy Editors

Our expert copy proofreaders and professional copy editors are well-versed in this industry. They have an eagle's eye that can inspect even a minute period mistake. Our copy editors are dedicated and agitate the best result for decades.

Precipitous Delivery Always

My copy editing company always delivers the required assigned order at the designated time. We don't rely on fake promises and delays. Thus, even if you have a deadline due in a few hours, we can accommodate that too.

Top-Notch Quality

UK Proofreaders always give copies that stand out from the crowd. We have maintained a 100% customer satisfaction rate that speaks volumes of applauses for us. It is a noted fact that we offer cheap rates, without compromising on the quality.

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Cheap and affordable is everyone’s favorite word. Copy editing services in UK understand this fully. Plus, we also offer work that is pretty low in rates but high in standards. Compromising or shrinking the quality doesn’t come with our principle. Whatever your subject is, technical copy editing or legal copy editing, our academic copy editing service can handle it all well.

Let’S Hear What Uk Proofreader’S Clients Says About Copy Writing Editing

UK Proofreaders is indeed a hidden gem of London; they are marvelous. I drop my manuscript all fried up, and they revamp that in the given time.

Scissile Newark Sep 04, 2022
Happy Clients

UK Proofreaders are indeed the best copy editing company that focuses on providing the finest work at such a minimal rate that defies the word cheap to another extent.

Alice Parke Sep 11, 2022
Happy Clients

What can I say, perfection at every stance! Proofreading and copy-editing service that do what I hired for and kept my identity anonymous throughout the steps!

John Doe Sep 18, 2022
Happy Clients

Cheap and affordable is what I was looking for, and UK proofreaders provided that service to me. They give such systematic work in the end; they have won my heart.

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When you have made up your mind, place the order button at copy editing service. Just be sure to attach all necessary documents along with it. Because placing an order without additional documents will result in delay.

Copy Editors In Action

After the first step, our expert copy editor comes into action. They start the hustle and read the work in a calm organization so that their attention is not divided. Once done, the document is escalated to me for further reassurance.

Final Order In Your Hand

Our copy editor uses MS Word’s track changes feature to edit your manuscript so that you will be aware of the final result and what work we have done. This step will erase your confusion and will ease the acceptance process.

UK Proofreaders - British Proofreaders
UK Proofreaders - British Proofreaders
UK Proofreaders - British Proofreaders
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Affordable And Cheap Copy Editing Company –
That Rules Uk Writing Industry

Online copy editing service that offers cheap and affordable rates throughout the region. Because I know how hard the situation has been since post COVID era, this is the reason why my fast-spread network across all major cities of UK, including England, London, Ireland, Belfast, Scotland, Edinburgh, Wales, Cardiff, Britain, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Manchester, Bristol, and Birmingham always abide by offering lower rates. Our rates of copy editing and proofreading depend upon the number of words, so drop the order and avail our awesome service!

Total Words Edited 934,501,375,243
Copies Proofread 50,000
Copies Edited 44,000
Authors Served 11,000
satisfied customers 97%
client retention rate 98%

Brits Favorite Copy Editing Service

Well, do you want your manuscript to be rejected by the publishing houses? If the answer is NO, then, it sums up why you should hire a copy editor. Our copy editors and proofreaders highlight ambiguous or factually incorrect statements. In short, we make your content shine and be refined in front of big sharks.

Hi, I am Isla Bethany; this company is my brainchild. I belong to London; UK and this company is set up in central London. Though we fully operate remotely, we have an on-site office to handle all the systems of our website UK Proofreaders work. Whatever query you have, you can email or also have a word with our customer support.

Rest assured, there will be no plagiarism or copying of your work. Every copy editor signs a non-disclosure agreement which they follow strictly. There has been no leak or theft issue raised in the decades over time; our system works on a framework that protects the identity and promotes transparency in the overall procedure.

UK Proofreaders hire only the best copy editors that work professionally in the industry for two decades. Our team also consists of freelancers that are seasoned and celebrated across the continent. Our copy editors have worked in many presses and publishing houses, and this is why they understand the value of words. Whatever your niche, they can target that well.

Native Well Varnished Copy Editors Of Uk

Our copy editors omit missing apostrophes and minor lapses of consistency. We look at every sentence and find the missing trail of words like Nancy Drew. Our copy editing company attends to every word structure and refines that into the glossiest piece you have ever seen. This finesse, professional touch, and firm grip didn’t happen overnight. My team of copy editors and I have worked very hard to achieve this recognition stage.

Cheap And Affordable Copy Editing Service In Uk

It doesn’t matter where you are, be it; England, London, Ireland, Belfast, Scotland, Edinburgh, Wales, Cardiff, Britain, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Manchester, Bristol, and Birmingham. We cover all Britain districts with a unanimous FLATE RATE! Our copy writing editing service has never bargained over the quality. Giving our customers higher standard copy editing service at a minimal rate is what we have practiced and preached since the beginning.

UK Proofreaders - The Best Spot To Rely On

Got a query? Give us the chance to iron it out, so we can team up, hunt for the mistakes, and make your paper look flawless within no time. We promise this is the best spot you can rely on without worrying about the quality, pricing, and deadline.